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How to Get On Boards: Summary of WOB2020 Workshop by Lisa Keglovitz, CHRO Gamestop

Uncategorized May 07, 2020

Now more than ever, HR leaders are needed on corporate boards. But, to get on a board, you can't wait for the search firms to call.  There are three critical things you need to do to prepare.

Please watch this 15 minute summary by Lisa Keglovitz, CHRO of GameStop on actionable tips to position yourself for corporate board seats. 

Lisa won this WOB2020  workshop at our last BigHR event and does a great job summarizing it for us. Don't miss it!

No time to watch? See machine generated transcript below.

 Book referenced in the interview:


Machine generated transcript below:

 Hi there. This is Cindy Lu of CHRO partners and I'm here with Lisa Keglovitz, that's a GameStop and Lisa is the chief HR officer. And today we're going to talk about, um, how to get on corporate boards. Lisa just, uh, attended a corporate board workshop. Um, you actually won this class right from there....
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Comprehensive HR priorities list and matrix

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020

Have you ever been super excited about an HR initiative just to have the business leader de-prioritize it?  If so, you aren't alone.

Before the pandemic, many of you told us you were looking for a way to prioritize HR initiatives.  Now that things have settled down a bit, many are starting to think about getting back to strategic HR initiatives.

We hope this is the right time to share this prioritization tool.   This tool will...

...give you a comprehensive list of Human Capital activities and tasks you and your business unit leaders prioritize initiatives based on impact educate non-HR leaders on the best sequencing of projects


This crowd sourced Google Sheet is a "work in progress" and will continue to be updated and improved as we receive your feedback.


The above video will walk you through how to use the HR Initiatives prioritization tool.

You can also read the instructions and download the document here


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Your Simplified COVID-19 HR Survival Kit

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

All of us are navigating new territory during COVID-19.

 As HR leaders, we’re making daily decisions that impact people’s lives in significant ways. Now more than ever, decisions require quick action and are often based on limited data. Policies must be crafted to meet local, state, and national directives. Each situation creates an endless list of concerns to consider.

 Do you feel overwhelmed at best and frightened at worst?

 If so, you’re not alone. Members of the global HR community are expressing the same concerns.

 Now more than ever, you need easy-to-use tools that help you track business decisions and which provide the steps to manage the workforce and workplace during this crisis.

 In response to the questions, concerns, and calls for help, we created the HR COVID-19 Survival Kit which includes three easy-to-use tools:

COVID-19 Protocol Template

The COVID-19 Protocol Template is a framework for you to use to design COVID-19...

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Cindy’s Tips & Tools for Increasing Productivity While Working from Home: How to Use SUPER Cheap Screen Recording tool

wfh Mar 25, 2020

 Has the recent chaos caused your organization to transition to working from home? 

 Do you feel out-of-touch with your team or employees? 

 Are you struggling to coordinate schedules to share and collaborate? 

 Need a SUPER inexpensive solution to share workflow or produce quick training videos? 

 Watch the video above for a quick tutorial.

After 5+ years of working from home and managing projects with my staff and interns I have discovered several tools that have benefited our productivity...


One of our FAVORITE tools is, Screen-Cast-O-Matic, an app that allows you to record your screen! It is simple to use and extremely inexpensive.


Join me in watching this quick 10-minute video where I share my personal experience implementing Screen-Cast-O-Matic and: 


  • How to find and download the app 


  • Tips on utilizing some of the features 


  • Advice on how to save and share your...
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5 Steps to Rebranding the HR Function Advice from a CMO: Ellen Trytek, Chief Marketing Officer, Wipfli

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

All too often HR is still viewed as “personnel” and it’s often due to the context of the leaders’ previous experiences. This "administrative" reputation of our profession hinders the value HR leaders can bring to their organizations so, don't miss this vlog post if you are:

     ...Starting up a new HR function


     ...Creating a center of excellence


     ...Or transforming HR


We bring you this month’s VLOG interview with Ellen Trytek, the CMO, of Wipfli a national accounting firm where Ellen discusses 5 strategies to re-branding a corporate function to position HR as a strategic partner. And when done right...


     ...HR will have the opportunity to change perspectives




     ....Help the business...

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Get Inspired: How 4 CHROs Find Time to Stay Superfit

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2020

Many of us start the year motivated to workout, but then the cold weather sets in, family commitments ensue, and long days at the office can make it harder and harder to stay consistent. As a future CHRO I know I want to set an example and inspire employees to do the same so they will also enjoy the stress relief, increased energy, and productivity that comes along with being fit.


Join me in watching this fun 30-minute video blog with our fabulously buff ;) panel of 4 SuperFit C-Suite Executives as they discuss how they make their health and fitness a priority despite their jam-packed weekly schedules! 


They’ll discuss how their commitment to their health has benefited them and share their weekly workout regimes as well as their: 


  • Advice on how to prioritize workouts 


  • Motivation for staying committed 


  • Tips for deliberate eating habits


  • Company’s programs for encouraging their employee’s health...
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Summary (13 minutes) of People Analytics from LinkedIn Learning Lesson by Josh Bersin

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

In the HR function today many of you are trying to do more with less... does it ever feel like: 


  • Business leaders want people results, but aren’t willing to fund the activities required to deliver results?


  • It’s getting harder and harder to build a business case for change without data?


  • HR has all the responsibility for performance, but none of the authority

Well, we think authority is highly overrated, but INFLUENCE is critical to the success of Human Resources. Having data to back up a proposal is one of the areas that helps HR become more influential! People analytics is the most exciting and fastest growing areas of HR and can help with: 


  • Talent constraints 


  • Productivity improvements 


  • Turnover


Watch this 13-minute summary of the People Analytics course from LinkedIn Learning to hear Josh Bersin’s key points and important lessons to using people related data to make a...

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5 Tips to Prepare for Human Capital Analytics: Chris Brunson, VP Total Rewards, Celanese

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2020

Summary of Guest Speaker by Emma Lokar, HR Intern (Looking for a Summer 2019 Internship) 

5 Tips to Prepare for Human Capital Analytics: Chris Brunson, Celanese, VP Global Total Rewards

Story Telling of Data
Chris Brunson is the VP of Global Total Rewards at Celanese a $6.1 Billion global technology leader in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications. Brunson has extensive experience in Human Capital analytics in Human Resources with  different sized companies in several different industries.

Chris shared his Five Tips to Prepare your Company for the New Age of Human Capital: How to handle your data, manage your data, and hire for your data...even when you are not good with numbers! Good analytics tells a story. The insights an organization receives from analytics gives the business actionable items to accomplish.

Five Steps
In today’s climate human capital analytics has the...

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The Future Chief People Officer

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2020

In today’s Vlog (27 minutes or 18 minutes at 1.5x ) we summarize a 44-page research report by Willis Towers Watson called The Future Chief People Officer – Why Empowered HR leaders are the key to growth in the new world of work.


Willis Towers Watson surveyed 500+ “C”-suite execs ranging from CPO to CEOs and board members to help guide senior leaders to better understand how the rapid changes in tech and democratization of work is expanding the CPO’s role and what steps they need to take.


If you don’t have time to sit and watch, you can also download the MP3 (audio) and let me keep you company on your commute or workout.  Enjoy!

 More of a reader?  Get machine generated transcript here.

Cindy Lu

Ps.  If we haven’t touched based about the HR Mastermind Group, don’t wait to get on my calendar. Our next speaker is a CHRO of a Global Brand who will share a day in the life of a global CHRO.


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3 Tips on Being a Consultative Change Leader: John Millea, Senior Director of Leadership and People Development, SAP

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

Summary of Vlog Post by Emma Lokar, CHRO Partners Intern, Graduating May 2020

Earlier this year we conducted a survey on important soft skills for HR leaders and found consultative and change management skills being two of the top ranked skills by "C" suite execs. So we decided to explore learn more...

Join me to hear from John Millea the Senior Director of Leadership and People Development at SAP as he shares his expertise and tips on how to become a consultative change leader to the organization.


The rate and pace of change is relentless and organizations need HR to be change leaders with a consultative business results mindset. HR follows change plans and uses change methodologies, but often need more focus on:


  • How to execute strategy through people
  • What transformational change is
  • How to drive and create sustainable change
  • What is needed organizationally through process to make change happen...
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